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Devil or Angel? - April Cooking Class

Devil or Angel? - April Cooking Class


Devil or Angel?

This is the time of year for observing several religious holidays: Lent, Easter, Purim, Holi and—lest we forget--''St. Urho's and St. Patrick's Day.  I Find it curious to note several food dishes also have religious names;we'll include several of these in our menu for this class:


“Devils on Horseback” & Deviled Eggs

“Priest Stranglers”

Kalamojakka (Finnish St. Urho's Day fish soup)

Moros y Christianos (Moors & Christians)

Deviled Chicken & Angel Hair Pasta

Angel Food Cake


  • Cooking Class Details

    We are so very excited that you will be joining us for this month's Cooking Class!

    Classes take place from 6:30p to 9:30p and are limtied to 14 people. 

    Wine pairings and tasting are included. 

    All classes are $75 per person.


    Do you have any allergies or restrictions? 

    If so, call to let us know!


  • Class Cancellations

    If you need to cancel your registration, please do so a week in advance in order to transfer your registration to another class date.  Registrations are not refundable.


    All of our cooking classes have a maximum of 14 and minimum of 8 participants.  If (for some reason) we get less than 8 registrations we will need to cancel the class.  All registrations will be applicable to another class date.

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