Nancy Palate About Us_edited_edited_edit

The journey began as a dream for me and my mom. The dream was realized when we opened our little place in Spring 2006.

Our values mirror those of my grandmother, who had no money to waste, and built a life in Stockholm, WI. Her purchases were thoughtful and measured. Even though every penny mattered, and she had few, experiences were offered in style and with quality.


Today we have extended our experiences to include wine by the glass, great cheeseboards and private cooking events for your special group!


It’s difficult to put our little store in Stockholm into words that represent who we are. It feels to me like a slice of days gone by wrapped up with all things FINE and experiential. We are part little bakery with our famous scones, part “hard to find” gourmet groceries, part fine products for entertaining like French porcelain and Laudable Linens, part cooking class with our Le Cordon Bleu Chef Mary, part wine bar with more than 20 wine by the glass offerings and part place to go if you are peckish for a fabulous cheese board (usually with our fabulous wine but not always!)


Welcome to our world of and entertaining! We hope to see you soon.