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French Quarter

French Quarter


French Quarter

Class starts at 1:00pm

The French quarter on a chicken is the most flavorful part of the bird.  The leg and thigh are moist and full of rich flavor.  We will prepare this classic French dish and finish it with a sauce consisting of shallots, wine, cream and butter.  Oh so French!

  • Cooking Classes at The Palate

    We are so very excited that you will be joining us for this Cooking Class!

    Classes are generally 60-90 minutes each depending on menu and discussions.

    Do you have any allergies or restrictions? 
    If so, call to let us know!  715-442-6400

  • Class Cancellation Policy

    If you need to cancel your registration,

    please do so a week in advance in order to

    transfer your registration to another class date. 

    Registrations are not refundable.

    All of our cooking classes have a maximum of 10 and

    minimum of 6 participants.  If (for some reason) we get less than 6 registrations we will need to cancel the class. 

    All registrations will be applicable to another class date.

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