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Care Instructions

Wipe any spills with a damp clean cloth with no chemicals. If need be, you may use a light amount of liquid soap for greasy spots. You may also iron your cloth on the non-coated side on the cotton setting of your iron.
NOTE: Permanent ink will not wipe off tablecloth. Newspaper print is permanent.

Measuring Instruction

When you purchase your cloth you will enter the length in inches. The length of your custom tablecloth will be determined by the drop. To properly measure, take the width of your chosen pattern minus the width of your table and add that amount to the actual length of your table.

Example: Laudable Shirley 71" wide minus the table width which is 45" wide equals 26", (a 13" drop on either side of the table.) Add 26" to the actual length of the table which is 72" to equal 98" in length. The total length of 98" is what you would place in the length box in the shopping cart.


Store Location & Hours:

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Laudable Linens

Finally, a tablecloth that is made to meet your needs. We couldn't be more excited about our selection of Laudable Linens! Aptly named, as they are truly "worthy of praise", these tablecloths are custom made in the our shop to your exact measurements. New to the United States, but found throughout Europe for years, these coated tablecloths are worthy of the finest dining room table and versatile enough to go anywhere!

Use for years without washing, just wipe spills off with a clean damp cloth. No ironing, no bills from the dry cleaners and no worries about red wine accidents....really.

Choose your pattern and simply type in the length that you need down to the inch! We will custom cut each piece to your request. Laudable Linens do not fray and do not require any hemming. All online purchases will be cut with square corners and will be the width indicated on the pattern. If you would like your Laudable Linen cut in a different width, an oval or round please choose your pattern and call us 715-442-6400 to order!

Swatches Available:
Not sure if a color will work in your home, we would be happy to send you a sample of the fabric. Either call 715-442-6400 or email Shana@thepalate.net with your address and your requested fabric.