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About Us


The Palate began as a dream for my mom, Nancy Fitzsimons (that's her in the picture doing some baking), and me, Shana Finnegan, and became a reality in the Spring of 2006. We wanted to create an experience that welcomed you and represented our belief that real value is found in a quality product that lasts. Those are the same values that my grandmother, who had no money, possessed. Her purchases were thoughtful and measured. Even though every penny mattered, and she had few, entertainment was done in style. Every table had a cloth and even though she acquired her dishes one place setting at a time on lay-away, you felt the richness of her home. She would have loved our Laudable Linens.

The Palate carries that tradition on by offering only those things that we feel offer the best in functionality, value and beauty. That philosophy can be found in the teaching of our cooking classes with Judy Krohn, the woman I call "the green gourmet" for her ability to never waste anything and reuse whenever possible. And with my mom, Nancy Fitzsimons, the former Home Ec teacher, Master tailor and human dictionary of practical solutions.

We use all of the products we represent, including the beautiful french glassware that I put ice cream sundaes and yogurt in for my kids...and then put them in the dishwasher. I highly recommend them.

Welcome to our world of home making and entertaining!

Shana Finnegan